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LDG Case Study

 Making Sense of Complicated Renovations

Accurate and timely interpretation and communication of technical details is essential in delivering a project on time and on budget. The inability to define details are the main cause of change orders and cost overruns on most projects.

Take the case of an older laundry plant that decided to upgrade their process water heat recovery system and water storage and pump systems. Their existing system had become corroded and needed replacement, but the plant could not shut down for this extensive renovation. The equipment provider did an excellent job at identifying what was needed and supplied a detailed flow schematic (see below). As with most vendors, mechanical electrical installation is not one of the services they offer. They cannot be locally licensed to perform permitted work everywhere they offer equipment, so the owner is responsible for construction and installation of the system. One look at the schematic and the owner called the Laundry Design Group in to assist in identifying the work scope and planning.



After consulting with the equipment vendor, LDG broke the project into elements and then marked up the drawing to clarify the tasks (see below). With the tasks segmented and a scope of work created based on sequence of work, local trades (plumbers, electricians, riggers etc..) could understand the project better. Clear understanding leads to more competitive bidding, fewer or NO change orders and an on time project.


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