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About Laundry Design Group

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The laundry solutions available today that address Energy, Ergonomics, Production, Automation or Logistics are essential to maintain safe, productive, and quality oriented workplaces. Understanding how solutions need to work in harmony with existing systems or business processes is complex. As the laundry industry moves more towards systems and not just simple machines, the Laundry Design Group assists our customers in making sound decisions with realistic expectations.

The Laundry Design Group was founded by Bob Corfield, a 28 year veteran of the laundry industry, to help commercial and professional laundry owners and managers navigate the complexities of modern laundry projects. Any project that aims to address a need must meet its own financial burden while being reasonable to construct. The return on investment must be reasonable and achievable and the project on time and on budget. Therefore planning thoroughly and executing confidently are critical elements the Laundry Design Group offers its clients.

The Laundry Design Group is completely independent of all equipment suppliers, vendors and installers. While we do not distribute or sell for supplier companies, we stay current on equipment, textiles, and processes from key suppliers and we maintain essential strategic relationships. Our impartial approach allows us to advise our clients in selecting strategies and systems that best meet their target goals.

How It Started

Corfield Plumbing was started by Bob Corfield's Grandfather Ben Corfield in Albuquerque, New Mexico following WWII. When New Mexico began licensing mechanical contractors, Ben went down and applied and received license #00001 for the State of New Mexico and license #00002 for the county of Bernalillo. Corfield plumbing provided residential plumbing services which included well drilling and septic systems for many of the home builders.
Growing up Bob worked for his father Boyd Corfield at Boyd Sales and Service, a mechanical contracting business that specialized in plant installation and machine service for commercial laundry, coin laundries and dry cleaners. Building and installing equipment and understanding steam and water systems was an essential part of job at Boyd Sales. The company began distributing equipment and Bob was charged with developing sales of equipment and whole plants for coin and dry cleaning business.

To fully understand how larger laundries worked, Bob worked weekend and night shifts at local laundries that served local hotels and hospitals. He worked in sorting, washer/dryer area, finishing, route assembly and maintenance. Understanding the full production cycle as well as the value of maintenance provided a core knowledge base that has grounded Bobs years in laundry.

Wanting to pursue the commercial/institutional laundry industry, Bob left the family business and joined Jensen America, a maker of flatwork ironers feeders and folders, as Western Regional Sales manager, where he covered 13 States and Provinces. Jensen America championed thermal fluid heating systems for ironers and Bob gained a first-hand experience on the pros and cons of energy use vs. production vs. risks of operation vs. installation costs. Bob worked with local and regional companies (Mission Linen, Valley Linen, Exchange Linen), Startup's (LohMar, Westar, Tartan, Western Linen) and national companies (Angelica, Hilton, Marriott, Westin, Hyatt, Sodexho).

Bob worked with the ELX Group, who was the integrated marketing and project services team for the industrial product division of AB Electrolux of Sweden. The ELX Group brands included Challenge Industries high performance dryers, Senking automated batch washing systems and Washex Machinery, the company credited with inventing the modern Washer/Extractor. During his time here he was directly and peripherally responsible for projects in the laundry and apparel industries as National Accounts Manager and later as Director of Apparel Technologies.

Following the sale of the Senking factory in Germany, Bob Joined GA Braun as Regional Director and was later recruited by Kannegiesser-USA as a key member of their North American management team. Kannegiesser had acquired Passat Laundry Systems to become a supplier for all equipment for the modern laundry: Including soil sortation, monorail, batch washing, high speed extraction, high speed shuttle automation, garment sortation and robotic folding and flatwork ironing/finishing. As Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Bob was directly involved in all aspects of market penetration and project delivery of these advanced automation systems for North America. The business grew over 750% in 8 years.

Bob departed Kannegiesser to pursue an opportunity in plant construction consulting with American Laundry Systems, a Division of E&O Mechanical. While at ALS, Bob became more deeply involved in plant construction and estimating as Vice President of Regional Operations, and in a way came full circle back to where he started with the family business. While ALS provided consulting services, the goal was ultimately construction or installation contracting. Seeing an opportunity for a truly independent and unbiased consulting service, Bob decided to form the Laundry Design Group. From his construction background, to equipment selection and now with a considerable experience in plant design and function, Bob is uniquely prepared to lead his customers through any type or size of project.

Why Choose Us

Every design company brings its background to an engagement, LDG's President and founder Bob Corfield's core strength comes from over 130 projects, (both new build and retrofit), of laundry machines and systems installed. Whether you are building a highly automated or conventional laundry, Bob's project experience translates directly into time and cost savings for your organization.


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